My dad is so controlling, I feel like a prisoner and maid in

My dad is so controlling, I feel like a prisoner and maid in my own house. He always tells me what to do, what not to do, when to do it etc. Then, gets mad if I don't do it right or don't do it when he asks me to do it. The more he tells me to do something, the more I don't want to do it. Whenever I leave the house, I have to let him know or else he'll prevent me from leaving. It's so overbearing, I can't handle it anymore. I feel like he doesn't trust me at all and he always says it's because he's my dad so he has to know. I feel like I have no privacy or freedom in my own house. How do I get him to stop?? He's still treating me like I'm 5.

Well good news is, he cares. Bad news is he is still learning about how to adjust to you not being 5. Multiple conversations, over years might help, and when you leave high school, I recommend moving out. Basically that's what makes it end. My mom still does that when Im at "home" and sometimes even over text. Invasive questions or comments. At some point I stopped replying, and she also became more self aware when she stepped on my boundaries. My sister is better at "reassuring" my mom everything is fine, often with a smile on her face and her strategy is to let my mother know everything. I personally can't stand someone needing to know where I am, what Im doing, with whom, why, when I will be back. I think it makes sense in high school, when you're a kid and have no money (or cell phone in my case), but as an adult, with a cell phone, with money, and with being an adult you really don't need to report to anyone, at the most letting the parent know you've made it home safely at the end of the day. But I guess it's different if you're out with friends late, or going to clubs or bars etc., then it makes sense for your dad to ask to tell him. But I don't know how old you are, etc., and if you feel it's extreme then Id suggest planning to get a job and searching for housemates to rent somewhere together.

@Doodle1234 I want to move out, I graduated college this year and am job searching right now. It’s mostly a financial thing that’s why I’m still living with my parents. He claims it’s a safety thing, that if I go missing or don’t come home, he’ll know where to find me or who to contact. I try not to stay out too late since my parents don’t want me to and will start calling me if I’m not back by a certain time. I told him about wanting to move out a few years ago and he basically said I wouldn’t survive on my own and then, guilt tripped me back into staying.