My first time on here. Was hard selecting the groups to join

My first time on here. Was hard selecting the groups to join, theres a lot on my list.
Lately, I would say, my biggest struggle has been my acne. It all started from my pre-teen era, and has come and gone since. I'm 18 now, and last summer I had my first big outbreak: spots sprouting across my entire face. It took everything I had inside of me to continue my life with severe acne, and as the summer proceeded into September, it started to settle and eventually fade into scars. It's been a year and a half now, and the outbreak is beginning again. I'm doing everything I can to maintain my regular lifestyle, but everyday tasks like going to work or the gym is becoming more and more of a desperate struggle. After taking numerous topical gels, the dermatologist say my final option is accutane, but I know I won't be cleared for the go ahead with my current depression. I'm at a loss, and so joining this page was I guess my next turn.

Ask your dermatologist about Nomlamd's lotion, it really isn't a lotion it's a liquid and looks like calamine lotion I think it has calamine in it, you use it at night and or when you're not going anywhere. Only use oil free moisturizer and make up. Clinique has acne skin care their products are good and last a long time because you only have to use a little bit. The dermatologist should have a good face wash for you. Unfortunately there is no cure for acne only treatments. That Nomlamd's lotion is the bomb! You can feel it drying up big cyst like acne and there for relieves the throbbing pain that they can cause.

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I don't usually experience cystic acne, but I appreciate the recommendation! I will definitely be looking into it.

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@gettingoverthebumps hey that’s great that you don’t get the cystic kind ugh but i know any kind is bad right?