My first time posting. I just joined. Ive got a serious onli

My first time posting. I just joined. Ive got a serious online shopping addiction. I need to figure out a way to stop. Any suggestions, tips , advice.
It's really getting bad. I am starting to stress every time I hit pay now button but I still dont stop. There must be more to this than just sheer boredom?

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Do you seem to do it a certain time of day or night? One idea is when you are looking at something and thinking about buying it, pause and tell yourself you will just put it in the cart then go on and do something else. The next best thing is only buy real cheap items but look at the return policy to make sure you can return it easily. When i say cheap I mean no more than five dollars. Putting things in the cart may pacify you especially if you can't afford it. Get rid of your credit cards cut them up. If you need to buy something then go to a store and buy a few cheap items.

Yes, figuring out what’s behind it can be beneficial, however that’s a long process. Try to limit your access to shopping. As in delete all the shopping apps, ALL!! If you aren’t looking at products online, you likely won’t shop…so, just distract yourself as much as you can from accessing those apps and scrolling through product. Do not click on any ads that pop up on Social Media with products…
Do this for a little while and the brain will start to rewire itself and find other ways to make itself happy, possibly with physical activity or other little pleasures in life…Hope this helps a bit…Looking forward to response.