My insomnia has actually increased since covid...if I don't

My insomnia has actually increased since covid...if I don't change this, it's not going to go well. I'm struggling bc I don't want to go on prescription meds to sleep or cope w racing thoughts at night. In the same sense that I also don't want to take something to 'wake me up' -it should happen naturally (even tho I think my Circadian rythym has been way off my whole life). I will keep dealing w 'lost potential' due to apathy which brings it's own shame every day.
So many of us live in isolated lonely circles...often even when there seem to be plenty of humans around or even spouses. Those few people that are able to 'tap into' amazing Positive-ness and gift it to you are like beautiful rare gems.
I used to think they were out of touch but having recently 'revisited' my relationship with my mom, she seems to have been one of these rare gems rt under my radar.
I'm grateful for it...perhaps she (unlike my dad) rarely had to cope with insomnia bc she had a content -great sense of PEACE.
That's something I have never had. Life has always handed me so much fear. Fear destroys your plans, goals and dreams. I only want to focus on Trust. Trust that things will work out. That certain ppl will return - that the world can sort of 'right itself'...idk.

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Insomnia takes quite a toll mentally, physically, and emotionally. It's hard to keep going on a "dead battery". I understand why you don't want to go on meds. However, what if taking meds could help your body get some sleep? In all honesty, with most meds, are supposed to help you concur an issue, and when you're ready, weaned off.

I as well suffer from insomnia. I see where it's affecting my life. I hope that you experience peace. It's such a warm and wonderful feeling. I can relate to a lot of what you said. You're not alone.

@Justwanttobeloved thanks very much for replying, it’s appreciated. I understand what you’re saying about maybe stepping off the edge to trust in something else, something new. Just going with it…
Do we inherit the insomnia from our parents or is it when we are ‘stressed constantly’ -we continue releasing huge amounts of the hormone Cortisol which leaves us wired and tired, unable to truly deep sleep?
Ive seen a few products (mostly thru women’s Natural health sites) that supposedly combat cortisol a combo of: Passion Flower, L-Theanine, Calcium, Magnesium, and something with Soy.
Have you tried anything like this?
Also I was caregiving someone but that has eased up a bit and now, I strangely find myself sitting way too much (computer, phone, writing etc) so I am not getting physically worn out like I used to. Ugh, Winter doesn’t seem to be the best Season to begin a serious FIT program…but I should try.
Thanks for making me feel less alone.

Have you done repetition? Same bed time , same wake up time, meditation same thing done at bedtime. Breathing techniques meditation audio positive affirmations or something that you can listen to. Even if you don’t fall asleep keep doing the same thing day after day. I tried melatonin, but I don’t care for it. Apps for meditation and training, I have an app for free library rentals. And it has audio books also you tube is also good to listen to. I also did prayer with meditation

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@Tropicalstorm thanks for your reply. I do try to keep to the same schedule at night then in the a.m. but so many nights I cannot turn off intrusive thought. I do meditate with some better videos…they help some. I need a ‘lot’ of downtime to unwind -it’ frustrating. I know that in the past, really getting out physically running around all day helped to fall asleep earlier but that’s not happening rt now. Hopefully I can choose new activities to combat this soon.