My mental health

So my gf broke up with me and went into a relationship with my teammate now both of them hangout around in places where me and my ex used to visit and they hang around at the same time too when we always were together. Now i am always alone sitting in my room trying to study since i am a CS student but cant focus on study I feel broken by the fact the she is no more mine but also she is crushing all our memories by making new ones at the same spot. I get the constant urge to kill myself

I’m so sorry to hear that, friend. I know how painful and frustrating it must be for you. Please don’t be hard on yourself but look forward for better things in life. This situation will not define who you are, and you deserve to feel better. I urge you to stay strong, keep up your head high, and focus on your goals. Sending hugs & prayers your way, friend.

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Sigh… been there, done that. And the CS, too! It sucks, but after a while the pain will fade. Perhaps it will help to remember that nobody is ever “yours” (or mine). There will always be a honeymoon period to start with, it will always take work and compromise to keep a relationship going, and if it falls apart it will always hurt for a while. You and millions of other people (me included) somehow muddle throught it to better times. Best of luck!

Love is amazing when it is there and devastating when it isn’t. Great reminder from @buddhabob we don’t own those we love. We also shouldn’t put our sanity or out reason to live on them either. We must find out own path to life and happiness outside a person, because all that is a very heavy burden for a partner to carry.

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