My mom buys Goodnites at Walmart and puts them on top of the

My mom buys Goodnites at Walmart and puts them on top of the shopping cart. This embarrasses me but she doesn't care. Do people treat you like you don't have feelings just because you wet the bed?

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@Mason0704 That seems to be a common problem that many people have.
I think most of the time it is because they don't understand the embarrassment that goes with bed wetting.
In the store most people wouldn't give it a second thought about seeing diapers in someones cart no one unless they know the family would wonder who the diapers are for.
With being the one that they are for it is understandable it makes you very uncomfortable and that you worry about who will see them and if they think they are for you.
Maybe you could talk to your mom about how it makes you feel and when she buys diapers maybe you could kind of shop on your own or stay at home.
Honestly most people are not concerned about what is in other people's carts even at the check out unless the person knows your family they wouldn't give the diapers a second thought.

@Mikezx I talked to my mom and she said she has to put the diapers at the top of the cart because if she put them on the bottom they’d get squished. Then she said she’d rather not buy them at all and I should stop wetting the bed. I tried to stop but it didn’t work.

@Mason0704 I know what u mean. Mason when people know about ur diapers its embarasing. Tell ur mom that ur embarrassed. my mom did stuff like that and worse. she checked my diaper if it was wet or dry. i don't know what ur mom is thinking because she shouldnt do that in walmart where everyone can see. but all you can do is tell her and hope that she changes her mind. good luck!!

@Raisin_Boy I talked to her and she is going to keep buying them at Walmart no matter who sees. I’m afraid someone from my school will find out.

@Mikezx Mike, that's a good idea bout putting them in the bottom rack and saying they're my mom's, but unfortunately that wouldn't work because the Goodnites package says they're for boys. But I'll bet if they were just regular diapers and I said they were hers, she wouldn't think it's no problem that people know. She seriously thinks I'm doing it on purpose, even though I told her I can't help it.

@Mason0704 Still would be worth putting them on the bottom rack cause most people wouldn’t look to see if they are for boys or girls. It would be funny if you did say they were hers but that might get you in trouble. Probably just the stress and worry about what your thinks and says about you wetting the bed adds to the problem. have you always had problems with wetting the bed or did has it recently started?
It would be nice if she took you to your doctor and your doctor explained to her that you can’t help it and it’s not your fault.

I didn't wet the bed until last year and had something traumatic happen and I've been wetting the bed ever since. The doctors said it's nothing physical and asked me to talk to a counselor, but I really don't like talking to them so that doesn't work.

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@Mason0704 Sorry that something has happened to you Mason that triggered the bed wetting.
Your mom should really understand that you can’t help it and it’s not your fault.
It’s good they have tested you but even with there being no physical cause emotional things can have the same impact and cause it to happen as you know.
Hopefully in time things improve for you.

Going to give you different perspective. Your mom is pretty clearly doing it on purpose, with the intention of embarrassing you. If she thinks you can control it, she probably thinks that embarrassing you is good motivation for you to stop.

@msuspartan You’re right. She’s doing it on purpose. By the way, I can’t control it. I’m asleep. Maybe I should do something to embarrass her.

Too explain my lost earlier .... Ok too start off Friday I peed my pants cause I had so munch to drink.... my friends pressured me to drink three cans of coke a cola (given by teacher) and I did then I ask my teacher later on if I may use the bathroom they said no finish your test so I did. Then I stood up to turn in my test on the teacher desk (which is in the front of the room) I did not realize that while taking my test I peed my slef..... I knew this was a promplrm at night but not at day. So The whiole class laughed at me intill the teacher pulled me out in the hall and gave me her sweater and ask is This a promplrm at home I said yes and explain how I wet the bed and I'd diper at night so she sent me up to the nurse offfice and they called home.... my mom came and got me.... the next day I decide to only drink my orange justice intill I come home so I don't do it agin.... then came school and guess what I did again but in my seat..... peed... so I went home again and got spanked and diper mom told me I should have not went because I didn't sink anything all day beside my Jucie she wants to diper me all the time now ..... is that a good idea my class already a thinks I'm a baby what if they pants me to see if I'm in a diper? And if so how do I hide it?? What cohoes do I wear dresses?

i pee the bed every night and pee my pants to lots of times on accident

My mum is also not very discreet when it come to buying my nappies at the shop. It can be really embarrassing sometimes people seeing them in the shop and probably knowing that they are for me and then when it come to the tills that's even worse.

@Josh515 Like I said in another reply I doubt most people in the store would even notice, unless they’re parents of a bedwetter or a bedwetter themselves, they wouldn’t pay any attention, same with the cashier.

We order my nightime diapers online, cause most shops dont have them. But for some occasions i get drynites so sometimes we have to get them in the store but its okay. We get them along with my little sisters pampers so we get to that aisle anyways. I often look into other carts and often see that drynites are inside and even the big size so i think its very common and nothing to be ashamed of.
But yeah if you dont feel comfortable with it I think your mom should listen to you, try to hide them better under the other goods or should not take you with her when you need new goodnites

@SophieW. Honestly I doubt most people in the store would even notice, unless they’re parents of a bedwetter or a bedwetter themselves, they wouldn’t pay any attention, same with the cashier.

@Mason0704 When you feel comfortable you should talk to your mom about it, but honestly don't worry yourself about it too much because I doubt most people in the store would even notice, unless they're parents of a bedwetter or a bedwetter themselves, they wouldn't pay any attention, same with the cashier.

Yeah I have spoken to her before about it she just says no one will notice

@Josh515 She is correct of course, but did you tell her you were embarrassed about it?