My parents don’t allow me to date and I’m 18

for some religious reasons my family forbids me from dating any guy and they want me to wait until I grow up and get married immediately, I could still date behind their backs but these days I always get nauseous when I find out that a guy is interested in me and I feel like I can’t fall in love anymore. My friends call me crazy when I push away 10s because I don’t feel like dating them.

I gotta start by asking if you are a girl or a boy. Ive seen many many people with the same problem as yours, you can do what you said and date on their backs, usually not the best choice, i think the best thing is living in your own and ignoring their rules, you are not losing anything by not dating men. I understand the rush, i wanted to date since i can remember and it only happened when i was 25 (im 26 now and we’re together for a bit more thab a year), dont rush, find yourself before you find others

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