My scheduled lunch with my mother is this Sunday. I try not

My scheduled lunch with my mother is this Sunday. I try not to think of it much, but all week it's been popping into my head "I'm seeing my mother in a few days." When I remember, I feel my stomach clench and then can't eat. I always have this reaction though, and I try to remind myself it'll be over soon.
Therapy went well this week. I'd brought up in session that part of me wants to (calmly, diplomatically) bring up her apathy about my health and safety while at lunch and simply state that it's been noted. I was sure he would tell me that's not a good idea but he actually did the opposite, and we did some role plays to get down the best way to do that while maintaining gray rock. It's always helpful for me to rehearse the interaction before it happens.

I am just so proud of you! If the lunch doesn't go well, just remind yourself, you are amazing and you did your best. Hugs!

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@CKBlossom Thank you so much. I think we came up with a really good game plan, and even though the knot in my stomach isn’t going to let go until it’s over I otherwise feel pretty confident.

Well, today's the day. Been up most of the night, finally gave up around 5am and got up. I told my wife: 2 hours maximum at lunch. Hopefully it isn't that long, but if we hit 2 hours we make an excuse and leave.

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