Need anyone's opinion about this

TW: Sexual abuse

Hey, I just want to know if this was not an excuse for someone to just imitate that they were touching my groin, but actually not touching it as a joke, but also acting out on their sexual urges at the same time. It wasn’t like I was abused sexually, but someone I know was just acting that he was touching my crotch, but he didn’t. He said that he did this, because he was unable to control his hormones, but I think it’s just BS.

This is never ok, tell them that, explain what you just said here that if you were sexually abused that could be a trigger and he is 100% able to control himself, hormones is a cop out.

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That was like 2022, so it’s been a while. I was pretty stupid enough to even take my shirt off, so I was with my sports bra and he went towards me to do that stupid shit.

Nothing you wear, or don’t wear in this case, allows someone to act this way.

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I get that now. He did admit having to have sexual interests in me, but it wasn’t like he was romantically inclined.

Sexual or romantic relationships should be based on trust and respect, this guy was neither respectful or trustworthy.

Yeah, and I had to cut him off for good since he was being very obnoxious and rude during our entire friendship, so I got really frustrated at him so much. We never were together as a couple, luckily. He’s now in a relationship with the other toxic person, and boy, they have broken up once, and now they’re back together again. I have feeling that that relationship won’t even last for a year or so.

Sounds like you did the right thing, you can’t fix toxic people, they poison everything they touch.

I know. It just feels weird that I attract so many wrong people.

You can’t do anything about whom you attract, just how you handle their attraction.

Hey !! I hope you are fine now😊 see it is a good power to attarct people towards you now the problem is that sometimes the bad people (energy) gets easily attracted to you. so if u feel any issue you know that u can share here but also learn wht not to do next time and move on with your new more aware and stronger self. and remeber something named karma is there so anyone who did bad to u the universe will punish them. You are very strong and you can handle anything😊

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Thank you for the answer. The good news is that I’m no longer friends with that guy. He was very controlling and psychologically abusive throughout our entire friendship - just being nice to him wasn’t enough for him to return the favor.

wow good :blush: m happy for u !! i hope u have a great life ahead !!

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Thank you. Same to you! :smiley: <3