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New blog alert:
What is something you do to remain optimistic?
What is one area of your life that is hardest to see the glass as half full?
Are you naturally optimistic or pessimistic?
-Team SG

I want to say optimistic, but the truth is somewhere in between. It is hard to stay optimistic sometimes when life feels a little ugh lately.

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@CKBlossom Being somewhere in the middle is okay and very healthy, we can’t always be optimistic, but we shouldn’t aim for pessimism either.

I don't fully but the idea of how mental health experts can determine if someone's more of an optimist or not based on the half full glass experiment. I'm definitely not optimistic, but I won't say that I'm pessimistic either. If someone says that a glass is almost full, it doesn't automatically mean that they're optimistic. Only way to tell is just simply ask a person of how they view the world.

@KidDJ We used the analogy as it is well known. But you are right, someone can tattoo it on their forehead that they see the glass as full, but in reality they are mean, awful and extremely pessimistic. It is all about how someone acts, doing, not words means way more in the long run.