New Day, New Website

To all those of you who frequented the old “self-harm” group, I have no idea what my role is supposed to be in this brave new world. I can’t even get this website to work properly. However, for now I am still here and you know where to find me. I wish you all the very best of all possible futures.

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Hey Bbob:). I’m having lots of trouble with the site too, but I’m still here. Good to see you!

Hi Kiso, Team SG replied to my bitching and gave me hope that they will sort all this out someday… glad you’re still here, too!

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I just found your response by chance. I’m glad you contacted them, hopefully they’ll fix the glitches!

What’s life for, if not to get a response to the complaints we shout out into the void? Honestly, I’m still kind of mind boggled that responses are happening again.

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So how does someone create a post, because I’m confused about the new website?

I am still stuggling with this new website too, but I think one way to start a new Post is to:

  • click on the “hamburger” menu towards the top-right of the browser window
  • select “Posts”
  • you should then see a section of the screen on the left like:
    Screen Shot 2023-11-05 at 8.02.17 PM
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Thanks for that! It helps - Kisobel

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