New year new resolutions

I am trying to change my life this new year and i want to have a head start. Life is not the same without SH at times.

You talk about changing, but what are you doing to change?

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I don’t want to continue further today. It’s over, walgreens was the last job. I am the dead weight in this relationship. I don’t want to cut the grass, get a job, temperature outside is ridiculous here and i can not cope with it. I am hoping that NJ will revive the remaining amount of wanting to continue further. I don’t want to be here anylonger. It’s making me see tombstones in dreams and jail sentences for theif. This is not me, and i have to leave nc forever. So my wife bought tickets for us to see a play on January 5th 2024. I was expected to leave January 1st. To begin a new life if i can survive NJ winter. I practiced in 2019-2020 on what worked. Some nights were really really bad. I have to make it on my own actions because then i can’t get that jump start i need. I fall into a really deep depression. I also have to remember Oct1 to build myself back to that point (“eye roll at myself”) again because depression is basically really bad. You get no where with attitudes