New Years

My boyfriend and I have dated 4 months. We are going away together for new years for 4 days/nights. It's going to be our first 'get away' with each other. He knows about my ED but doesnt quite know the extent of what i do/dont eat. I'm freaking out, he's a cook so he LOVES food...i'm not at all at a place yet where i can sit there with him and have a meal. All i eat is steamed cauliflower, broccoli and carrots. What the hell will i do? And it will be 4 days of NO EXERCISE on top of it, the resort doesnt have a gym :(

I would try talking to him about it so he can understand more. He'll be able to help you more if you let him know what's going on.
Good Luck

He knows about my ED.

oh im sorry...have you told him what you do eat? maybe that'll help. i know it sucks and its hard to live anything close to a normal life with an ED but its a part of us and who we are and unfortunately we can't get rid of them so easily. just accept it for who we were and not what we are now.

Man I hate ed

Hearing about the disorder and living with it are two different things...You could possibly try your best to eat in small portions as hard as it will be it might be a good jump to your recovery...If it gets on his nerves then just talk to him about it some more to try to make him understand your point of view because no one truly understands unless they have had an eating disorder before..Exercise, since you will not be getting much try to walk places as much as possible and being intimate will also help you burn calories so that's a plus. Try to love yourself and your body. Its whats on the inside that counts....nothing else matters...I know its a hard concept to believe. I recovered from my eating disorder. It was very very hard and I know you can too. You got to love yourself and be happy. It will take a long time but it feels so great to not worry about food all day. HUGS~

Gosh I hope that day comes sooner then later!

i want to say----go and enjoy yourself, but i can understand your fears for sure...

can you talk to him about eating foods you are comfortable with??? can you talk to him about this?

see, when i go on vacation---i bring safe foods with me on trips. now--if we are really going away, i cant do that. and have to eat restraunt food, but you can always find safe foods even in resraunts( some restraunts are harder to find safe food s than others)

and gina, no work out for 4 days? good! giiirl, you know if you work out you could die! im sorry girl, i know your ED is strong, but i dont want my friend to get hurt!


I took sunday off of working out Maureen, but I've been at it again pushing myself further, longer and harder. I gained, I need it off...NOW.
I should be excited about going away but I'm freaking stressful, I just want to be normal.

gina--do you know WHEN you can get into inpateint and or why hasnt the doctor given you added therapy or help now? this isnt right at all...


He did give added therapy, I go to ED education classes each wednesday. Towards the end of Jan/early Feb i go inpatient...why do you ask?