No more nice guy

I am studying new self help book called “No more nice guy” where their are activity which i have to do and one of the activity is that i have to share my childhood story which i think has import roles in me having and share what i am feeling reliving those story in the safe space like this support group

So i have share my story in this picture from my journal and the feeling that i feel was not sad, angry and empathy cause sad cause the child has to leave his mom and dad for a month due some unforeseen factor that no one has control over and angry cause that my teacher who are suppose to help me navigate my life academically but only reined it but that are the main reason i am having so many social issue and empathy for all my family member cause they help me i the best possible way they could and i am where right now is the struggle they have done and they are too in the problem as i was except the academics one this even they want they can’t change but my brother being good in the school help me in my study but those my teacher till grades 10th that’s all thank you all in advance for reading my story

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How are you doing, is this story something that happened in the past or are you currently in school and struggling?

We just wanted to check in with you @Jack18 and see how you were doing and if you had any questions about the site. -SG