Oh. Do you know who showed up at my house last night? Santa

oh. Do you know who showed up at my house last night?
Santa and his 8 tiny reindeer.
Put the reindeer up in the garage.
Santa's sleeping on the futon in the laundry room.
Said he just needed to get away.
Wished he would've called first.
Would have gotten the tree out of the basement.
Could've put up some lights on the house. You know. Make him feel more welcome.
Now the kids are bugging for toys. I mean come on. It's still summer for cryin'-out-loud.
Tomorrow he wants us to take him to the mall so he can do inventory. Like I don't have anything else better to do then stand around all day, watching him checking his list. Well, I tell you what. He better bring me something really big this year. And I do mean big!
Not like last year. What the heck was I gonna do with a hedge clipper. I don't even have hedges. Yeah, traded it with a neighbor for a fancy coffeemaker. Now I have to find someone who drinks coffee to trade with.
Oh, here comes Santa now. Oh, Geez. Santa put some pants on. We have friends over. You can't be walking around in your underwear.
I don't care you who are. That's embarrassing. Sorry about that. Hey, could you do me a favor? Could let Santa stay at your place? I'll even give you a coffeemaker.

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titled 'A Visit from Santa' by me

John Candy was on my mind when I wrote it. Can imagine him saying it.

That made my night better :)

Hey Jordan! What's happenin'?

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@Inmylittlerroom watching movies, trying not to worry too much

This is cute n funny… I like it!

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Having insomnia gives you alot of time to fill.