OK, :) 5 days of staying on track :) Taking it one day at a

OK, :) 5 days of staying on track :) Taking it one day at a time. How is everyone doing today/tonight?

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So very proud of you. Doing this does take a lot of effort. I am reading about it and might try going without not that I eat that much sugar I like salty food more but think it might make me feel better. xo

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@Jennipain :slight_smile: Thank you, Jenni :slight_smile: It really makes a big difference for me :slight_smile: I found doing a low carb diet helps as well. :slight_smile:

My first time on this site. I have LOVED sugar all my life and the relationship has become abusive. Sugar torments me daily, hourly. And I’m T1 diabetic! This doesn’t mean you can never enjoy any sweet treats but I think my time has come for me to not eat any sugar at all. Is there anything out there to help with cravings? Supplements? Acupuncture? Diet pills?

Unfortunately, I'm not doing so good today. I didn't binge, which is good, but I did have so much sugar lately and hate myself for it. It makes me so irritable and tired and weak. I am so desperate to feel better. I wanted to snap at everyone I love. I was so grumpy and felt so guilty about it. I know that these extreme mood swings are because of sugar. I've tried to cut it out at this point probably over 50 times, but I just keep going back. I did go without it for 2 months, which were glorious, but went on birth control and just one pill made me so severely depressed, sugar was my only way of keeping myself safe.

@Marlia We just have to keep going back and trying. I’ve been eating sugar again these last few days (the holidays brought way too many temptations). I just finished eating three gluten-free cookies with dark chocolate chip cookies.
Yesterday I had chocolate chip cookies and other desserts . . . I’m not sure how to get off the hook again . . . Truth is, it’s not so much the holidays that have me weak, but my self esteem and mindset has plummeted as well and I was trying to get off coffee as well (which affects blood glucose levels)
. . . I think we can relate to one another–you with your birth control pill and me with my life situation . . .that sugar gives us this dopamine relief . . . we have to find another way to generate that perk.
So . . . two possible things we can do: 1) exercise 2) find other external dopamine generators–could be anything from a really good audio book, to cuddling with a kitten.
I don’t have any kittens, but I’m going to try to find some good auidobooks to distract me and exercise tonight.
Oh, something that has also helped me in the past: Lots of savory and spicy foods. They seem to curb the cravings as well. Gonna go cook up something a minute.
DOn’t give up . . . (2 months was very good! . . . I bet you could do another 2 months) :slight_smile:

Thanks for the words of encouragement and the great tips, Eyni! I'll have to try some of those out. I love to go running, but now that I'm working 48 hours a week, I don't have the energy :(. My binging has also sucked out all of my energy as well. I do have a puppy dog who I adore. I'll have to play with her and see if that helps with the cravings :)

Good morning, today is my 8th day without sweets. I’v been sick the last two days so that makes it a little easier to have stayed away from them. The thing that has saved me is not keeping any sweets in the house at all. Unfortunately that’ means my husband and our son don’t get to keep them in the house either. I told them if they had any they need to hide them in their room or office! I’ve had a few cravings that I’ve worked through. I find that I snack when I’m having cravings. I’m also staying away from sugar free substitute foods like sugar free desserts, drinks, etc. In my mind they’re still sweets and will only tempt me more. Hang in there everyone!

@Dogmom7 Congratulations on your 8 days without sweets! I’ve been having trouble again lately. Tomorrow I will start fresh resisting sweets again. I think it’s wise that you are staying away from the sugar free sweets stuff. I think what made more recent “fall” into sugar eating again is because I was trying the “healthy” sugar subsitutes (like the monk fruit) and my brain was like “I want more sweet because my body is not feeling the sugar high it associates with the sweetness I was consuming.”

Now, if anyone out there IS interested in a good sugarless sweet replacement, I will say the monk fruit product I bought is the best tasting I have found: Amazon.com

I think I won’t use it for myself as it may be contributing to my psychological sugar cravings, but I’m happy to have found the substitute because I do like making sweet treats for others and I don’t want to make people toxic sugar treats anymore.

So . . . how is everyone doing today with their sugar addiction?

Hi welcome back

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Great job with staying on track! I agree, not having sugar in the house is SO helpful. I live with quite a few other people right now, so I can't really be in control of that, but I do just try to think of all the sugar in the house as being theirs, not mine and try to ignore them when they say, "Help yourself!"

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@Marlia I live two minutes walking distance from a convenience store that stocks some of my favorite sweets . . . so while I can actually make my pantry sugar free . . .I must conquer the temptation :stuck_out_tongue: