OMG I really need to talk to someone

OMG I really need to talk to someone

hi, what's up?

Hey gurl

Should i just make me being gay public or should I keep it to myself

If you're comfortable with "making you gay in public" you should do it. If you're not ready, you should wait until you feel like "I don't care about what anybody could think. Screw the world, I am who I am!"

First of all,  CONGRATULATIONS ON REALIZING THAT YOU"RE GAY!!!!!!!!!   So am I.   But,  this is about you,     If you're totally fine with the idea of being gay,  IN PUBLIC,  like I am,    and don't care what anyone else thinks about seeing you,   then you've just cleared a really big hurdle in your life.  So,  since you've asked my opinion,  get your butt outside and celebrate your GAYNESS.