On December 11th I will be sugar free one year and 3 months

On December 11th I will be sugar free one year and 3 months. The holidays are coming up and I see all the fancy cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and other stuff filled with sugar. The Egg nog is the worst. My husband bought himself a 1/2 gallon and it is almost gone. 23 grams of sugar per 1/2 cup and he drinks about 2 cups per day. My daughter will hit her 3 month mark on Dec 11th. She said she was sugar free but she is really low sugar, I saw her eating tortilias and had to remind her that they have sugar. I read and reread each label and word on the package to make sure there are no hidden sugars. Today I bought some Vermont ceddar cheese, no sugar and it was the best cheese I have tasted in a very long time, needless to say I ate most of the huge chunk. I have been eating lots of fruit and trying to reduce my red meats. I am still a meat eater and need to get that under control. I think I need to come up with a plan on how to reduce eating so much of it. I have steel head trout once a week, and very little chicken. I eat eggs everyday so maybe that is why I don't eat much chicken or maybe I am not fond of the taste of it anymore. While going through the holidays I will not be achy or bloated or have emotions all over the place. I will be sugar free which will help jump start my wonderful New Year 2018. What a huge positive difference being sugar free has been in my life.

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You are such an inspiration!

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i agree !
watergirl, i would like to ask you about your fruit consumption. when you went sugar-free did you eliminate, or at least greatly reduce your fruit consumption at first ?
i only eat a grapefruit or two a day and, every few days, treat myself to a pound of strawberries. i intend to re-introduce oranges soon but i don't plan on eating any of the sweeter fruits until it comes back into season here (a long 7 months from now). funny how a pound of strawberries seems like a sinful indulgence after you eliminate all the added sugar from your diet.

@sugarlessjoe At first I did reduce the fruits, but I eat as much and as many as I like. My husband and I eat a pound of strawberries everyday. Since being sugarfree they are like a fancy treat for me. I love apples and eat all the variety of them. Love the pink lady apples with fresh almond butter. I eat the foods with natural sugars. I have been staying around 120 lbs and do not want to lose any more weight. I eat a lot of food, but since it is natural sugars and my body knows what to do with it, the weight has not come back. I have added a few potatoes here and there but not doing a lot of corn. I do enjoy lentil chips but have decided they are not good for me. Good luck to you. This sugarfree journey has been wonderful.

That's awesome! I've been trying to go sugar free for so long but always cave into cravings. More power to you!

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@survivor471 Hope you can get on top of your cravings. I know how hard it is. I did it through deep prayer and disgusted at myself for eating so stupid. I ate so many red velvet cake cupcakes… Can’t believe I was so disrespectful to my body.