One of my doctors just told me that it is unlikely I will ge

One of my doctors just told me that it is unlikely I will get better after all this time. She said I've been injured and had so much physical therapy and I'm still disabled and it's most likely I will always have this chronic pain. What can I do but cry about it? I'm 43 and feel old in general... but I also feel too young to give up so many things I loved that I will never do again. I just wanted to share here because I don't have much support in real life and I'm really upset.

I'm just now seeing this post. I'm sorry about your chronic pain. Is there anything at all that seems to make it a little better? Don't give up keep doing research you might stumble on something to try. I've been dealing with chronic pain but it comes and goes so I do have times I'm not having it. Now I have a new pain I'm not sure if it will get any better either.

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@Fohb460 Thanks for replying. I didn’t realize you are in the chronic pain group too. When the pain is bad I use Lidocaine which is a topical anesthetic. Sometimes the pain is too much for that to help though. The heating pad is my savior, but I hate being bed-bound, stuck in bed on the heating pad because of so much pain. I have pain everyday, it’s just a question of how bad is it going to get.