Only lost two toes so far but may lose more due to infection

only lost two toes so far but may lose more due to infection and diabetes.
A friend of my boyfriend's went under, was told he would lose 2 or 3 toes. Came out missing half his leg. He too is diabetic.
They kept taking more and more due to infection. Now almost all of his leg is gone.
When does it stop??
Is there a natural stopping point where our bodies fight harder to survive?
Dr wanted to take top of my foot but I said no. She said because other toes may get infected in the future, might as well take them now.
Greedy, greedy, greedy. She'd get paid more while I fight a major infection. Then there goes my foot.
Witch. Sh*t. I better go over to anger management group. I am concerned about losing more.

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@Inmylittleroom I am sorry to here this. I have a learning disability and cp and I use a cane to get around. I do not drive. So I know, a little bit of what your going through.
I have had operations as well.
No matter what life threw at me, I never gave up.
I never will.
I feel hard times, makes you stronger.
Please do not give up.
I know it is hard at times, to stay strong.
But you must stay strong and positive.
Praying for you.