Overwhelming anxiety today

My partner and I are moving out of his parents’ basement and into our new apartment tomorrow. I’d been feeling more excited and motivated than anxious until last night – I burst into tears talking logistics with him and then spent all night and morning obsessing. There’s nothing in particular that’s unsorted, but I feel this overwhelming anxiety from seemingly nowhere now that the move is a day away. I’ve never been one to freak out so much about moving, especially considering that I moved across the country less than a year ago without feeling nearly this much stress. My partner seems kind of overwhelmed, too, and neither of us are doing a very good job of talking it out. He’s at work today and I’m finding it hard to do anything while I wait for him to respond to my text asking how he’s feeling. I hope we both just settle into a more safe and secure headspace once we’re settling into our own place together. Today is just so hard.

Moving is hard, just take a moment. It is okay you are stressed, it is okay he is stressed. This is a big move and maybe your first together?

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It is our first apartment together, yes. CBT journaling always calms me down and helps me make a plan, so I did some of that and I’m feeling a little less frozen. As a highly anxious person, it’s so difficult and even triggering to talk to others when they’re also in an anxious state. It’s ironic and embarrassing.

Excitement and anxiety are actually very closely related in terms of the bits of your brain involved: it is very easy for one to turn into the other. You are facing a big change in your lives which is almost guaranteed to trigger one or the other. Maybe you can flip it from anxiety to excitement by dwelling on how awesomely wonderul it will be to have your very own place and set things up just how you want them with no in-laws hovering over you. The move will be over soon anyway! Hang in there.

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Thank you for the kind words n sound advice. :slight_smile: <3

That is exciting! Your first place together! I am so proud of you for being honest and open regarding how you are feeling. You are doing great!

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