PLEASE GOD, is there anyone in here getting the same pain I'

PLEASE GOD, is there anyone in here getting the same pain I'm feeling. I'm so broken. I can't take much more of this

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The narc pain i can understand and just know there are better days ahead. Focusing on ourselves is the best we can do and not give into the supply narcs want to take from us, hope things get better

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@StillHurt901He is 100% of all the things narc. He’s being controlled by demons… Fast life, partying, any and everything goes. He has no control over his life. I’m not fitting into the equation right now. He moved his 17yr old daughter AND get bff into my house without asking me. And he is smoking and drinking with them. People in and outta there. 4 dogs and a litter of puppies. He is a narcissist. He saw my 18yr old son as a threat and he kept fighting him. I wanted him to leave but He was never going to leave. He already said he was and he never left. Just keep tormenting me. Sleeping in the bed with me but don’t want to touch me. The last straw was when he jumped on my son and then put the dog on him. We both got dog bites. The “daughter” was laughing. Now he has to struggle paying the house payment and all the bills just so he can save face with the kid and continue to party. And take care of 2 grown azz kids… He is giving them money without them earning it. Like he is trying to make up for lost time. He dug himself in a hole he can’t get out of. Can’t keep no money. We have a business that we both started from the ground up and he started doing jobs behind my back and keeping the money. He wanted he to have to beg him. He made me quit my job to help with the business and then he turned on me. The work trucks are tearing up. He owes everybody. But he wanted to do this on his own so oh well. But I can’t pretend… I’M REALLY MESSED UP ABOUT THIS frfr. They were both wrong. I have a strong belief in God of Heaven and Jesus Christ. So I take my vows very serious. I believe in the order and family structure. So I stood by him until I couldn’t. He let his family and everyone come between our marriage including his kids. But yet I still love him. I moved out and I still love him.

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