Poll, just for fun: Are you a fan of Pumpkin Spice?

Poll, just for fun:
Are you a fan of Pumpkin Spice?

I've never tasted it.

@KidDJ Really, never, nothing?

I can take it or leave it. Once in a while it's OK.

@buddhabob In a latte or baked goods or both?

Never tasted it as its must be an American thing. Doesn't sound very nice.

@sasha1 It is definitely an American thing, Starbucks probably made it famous decades years ago.

Oh yes . You can get spice in your coffee in winter in starbucks, forgot that. Treat time soon.

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I'm not a big fan of pumpkin spice, but I do like pumpkin pie with those traditional spices and seasonings in it. I bought pumpkin spice coffee grounds one time to try something different, and I absolutely despised it.

@Lone LI shadoW3gs Pumpkin cheesecake is our favorite. Not a fan of flavored coffee either.

I do like pumpkin spice like muffins but drinks nahhh

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@unknownWorld Have you tried the mixes from Trader Joes, really yummy.

i like the pumpkin spice cappucinos

@hernameislauren Just can’t wrap our taste buds around that.

For me pumpkin .muffins, bread, pie,cake, donuts, not a fan of any flavored or fancy coffee. I just want my coffee to be coffee and hot! Lets not forget the other fall favorite Apples.

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@starship Well said and we agree.

I’ve never tried it before, so yeah.

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My bf bought on Starbucks recently and it it didnt taste like i expected. Idk if its bc im in brazil but i tasted like chocolate and coffee and a bit of cinnamon, its not worth the 18 reais it cost

It’s in everything this time of year, and I quickly tire of it. Bakeries overdo it in muffins, cakes, etc. Also the drinks! (gag) I think they stop after Halloween, but it may last until Thanksgiving? I hope not.

Real pumpkin muffins are fine, but we agree, the drinks are weird at best, disgusting at worst. -SG