Question ? I had a concussion three weeks ago thinking how I

Question ? I had a concussion three weeks ago thinking how I have post concussive syndrome my question is when does the cognitive stuff go away I guess when I have to pay attention to something in great detail I get a headache or I should say like pains in my head

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Have you brought up this continued pain to your doctor?

It's been 3.5 weeks and I did she said it's a part of the post Concussion syndrome

@msjealous i get head aches all the time

I still have cognitive issues 2 years later :(

@reallyimfine oh , I’m so sorry to hear that :frowning:

Be careful, Fiona.

I was diagnoised post concussive 4 years ago. Ive had more brain injuries since. Ive been told that symptoms can last any where from days to years. I hope for you its not long. My symptoms have changed a lot, some come and go, head ache is constant. The pain is a dull ache normally but if i do something hard i get sharp pains. I hope you find relief. If you want suggestions of treatments to try, let me know, ive tried it all from medication to supplements, physical therapy, massage therapy, cognitive training, steroid injections, so much. So im open to talking and i hope you find your relief

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Laying down makes it worse. I don't know why. The obvious is more blood flow. So I guess it just increases inflammation. Ibuprophen doesn't help me with this at all. I do take it for other pain but not for post concussion or encephalopathy. Glad it helps you.

@Survive oh … I’m sorry it doesn’t help you :frowning: