Quiet in here - is that good?

17 days since the last new posting… seems like some sort of record :slight_smile: I hope this means everyone is doing well. It would be lovely to hear from some of you just saying “hello! I’m fine”

Meanwhile: Hello! I’m fine.

Love to all.

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Hello @buddhabob! We are so glad to hear that you are doing well. You are such a valued person on this platform, and for that, SG thanks you!

Hello. Nice to hear from you and that you are fine! I’ve been crazy busy with moving/ finished yesterday Altho we are possibly in a short term place now but am otherwise fine, too!

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We are so happy to hear that the move went well @NCMom. @buddhabob, as my amazing teammate stated, you are so valued and appreciated here at SG. We are seeing more and more members return, as well as new members, and it makes our heart so full. As you said, it is wonderful not to see people post and suffer, but on the other hand we all know there are so many people out there who need a place to give and get support. We hope they will find us. -SG

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