Shopping addiction

I feel shopping is filling a huge void in my life. I started to go shopping when my daughters father left us ( my heart was wrenched from within me )and when she then went to visit him on the weekends my heart was totally broken and I found myself with an intense feeling of loss…. I couldn’t bare to be in the house alone and I found joy in the shops had people to talk to and it grew bigger and bigger…. I over shop and can easily justify everything. It also served to make me feel more comfortable as I spend mostly on clothes, shoes, bags, make up loads of books and hobbies I never have time for as I am out shopping again !!I think I had 3 tops and 3 trousers before it started. I never felt good enough with my clothes and that seemed to be a focus in all of this now I have a bursting wardrobe too much to choose from can’t seem to wear them enough I feel great in my clothes now I have appropriate clothing for all occasions. I can mix and match so much too. It is a great feeling but there is a massive downside… debt, regret, guilt, depression, loneliness and much more … it’s a huge problem and I feel out of control but can’t seem to stop as it brings a lot of satisfaction too.

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Hi and Welcome @Rexe, it sounds like in the wake of your relationship ending you wanted to feel beautiful and surround yourself with people and start new projects to keep yourself busy, there is no shame in that. But getting yourself into debt and filling your closet to bursting doesn’t bring joy, it brings fear and shame. Some things you can do is look into therapy for shopping addiction and perhaps depression. You can even do it online if in person isn’t an option or inconvenient. Try looking into classes or groups that meet up to do things to help with the loneliness, there are tons of different opportunities based on your interests.

We are so glad you are here, also here is a blog on the subject of Shopping Addiction Shopping Addiction Blog

Keep posting! -SG

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Thank you for your supportive kind reply. I will. Rxx

Again, so glad you are here. Happy Friday. -SG

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