Since an early teenager my relationships have failed. I used

Since an early teenager my relationships have failed. I used to be very clingy, now I'm completely opposite. When it comes to a relationship I like to have alone time...a lot, and the guys I'm with don't understand that. I simply tell them up front when a relationship starts or they think they want a relationship with me. I tell them that there are times I want to be completely left alone, that means don't call, text, or try to come see me. Does anyone else feel like this in relationships?

I dealt with a guy like that .. why do you choose to do that.. sometimes the person your Ithe figures I'm not good enough to talk to or they think it's someone else

@Lonelytaurus87 most of the time I thinks it’s because they want sexual favors so soon or all the time, when I clearly specified no.

Is it due to your failed relationship that you have now set a barrier but does it makes you feel good?

@Ling the last 2 guys I have been with, I told up front on the first date, that if something was to develope that I am different and like to have alone time to do my own thing (design, photography) some have asked why and I just say I like to have time to myself, and they look at me like I’m crazy. All the guys I have been with have been prosessive and wanted to know what I was doing, going, and thinking all hours of the day, and the past two didn’t get the meaning of no texting, no calling, and no showing up. I told them to act like I don’t exist for a few days. I also told them that if they didn’t want to talk to me for a few days and do the same that I would fully understand. It’s very hard to have a guy understand that about me,

@Ling I truly do feel happy when I'm left alone and have time to myself. Sometimes I can go a while without doing that, but there have been times where I'm in a relationship 2 weeks and I want my alone time. A lot of times what makes me draw away from them is when they are too clingy and they are forceful with sexual needs and desires.

@ashleylynn1985 I understand where you come from. Not everyone is passionate in relationship. I wish I could be like you coz I think you are really independant and I admired you for this. If this is what makes you happy, your BF have to accept for the way you are. Don’t back down to a man’s desires or needs coz they can be very selfish. I am sure the right one will understand you. Hugs

Wow you are helping me understand what my friend felt. You must be a Taurus

@Lonelytaurus87 actually I’m a Aquarius. I was born a day before Pisces, and was suppose to be born a Pisces but I was born 3 weeks early. So I think I have traits of both signs.