So as I’ve shared on here before, I’ve been interested i

So as I’ve shared on here before, I’ve been interested in juice fasting for a few years but I couldn’t do it. And so I took the step I could take which was the food elimination aspect. I did that. Now I’m looking at the Jews fasting again. There are many people who juice for 90 days. And man I would love to do that too. I know once you get the momentum going it’s easier. But I haven’t gotten there yet. So I just look at this stuff and as soon as I manage to get going I’m going to share here for sure. For now I’m just maintaining.
The most tempting times for me are when I go out. I never eat Chick-fil-A or pizza for example. And if I haven’t eaten yet and I’m out shopping, when I smell that stuff, I want it. But then I know if I do, I’ll be so disappointed in myself. The fact is, it’s just scary to get re-addicted to dairy and I know that the quality of the food in those places is terrible. You don’t know what’s in it. You don’t know who’s touched it. I worked at many fast food restaurants in the 80’s. And it’s got to be a lot worse now. And especially those all you can eat Chinese restaurants. I used to eat at those places over 15 years ago now. And I know that’s where I got bugs. After eating there a lot, I started getting vertigo and had symptoms off and on for years. Finding out later that it was the Epstein Barr virus. Once my skin started breaking out with rashes and my inflammation went crazy, that’s when I really started studying to find out what was going on and learned what it was. Bugs. And they’re in those fast food restaurants and all you can eat restaurants.

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90 days of juice fasting, wow.   Couldn't do it.  I like food too much, I can do Whole30, but I need to chew things.  

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@CKBlossom me too. That’s why I’ve never done it. But it’s kind of a dream. Would be cool to experience what it’s like. Even 30 days would be cool. Sorry for my recent rants.
Had a lot of thoughts on this recently. Lol… I think just keeping the cheese out is great. Because it supposedly causes inflammation and I would just rather keep it out.
And I don’t know why but it’s getting harder and harder to resist. I haven’t had it in over 4.5 months and I’m still craving it. :-/

The whole30 is a popular one. Glad it works for you.
I’m just pissed at myself because for all my efforts, I’m still fat.
And I just want to lose more weight now at this point. Whatever I have to do.
I took a short video of myself naked so I could see from every angle because I have body dysmorphia and I don’t see myself clearly when I look in a mirror. And then I took pictures of certain angles so I can get an even better view. Because I can see clearly in a picture too. And I’m just beside myself.
I grew up , as I know a lot of us did not having a weight issue. And not just that but I didn’t eat really. Didn’t have an appetite. I was a bird eater. I would take one bite of something and that was it. But my mom could get me to drink milk so I drank a lot of that.
She’d always say, did you drink your milk? Just drink your milk. Lol…
So I’d drink it and go run around. I was very small until I was almost 27 and stop smoking cigarettes. And ever since then I’ve been uncomfortable with this extra weight. It really sucks. This is why I got addicted to Adderall in the first place. I was so desperate to lose weight that I just took it without abandon. And became addicted and it also gave me a lot of side effects.Off it now.
I’m only 5’3 1/2 and i went from being 130 all the time , to as much as 220! And I wasn’t pregnant. And now I’m always hovering around 180. And So disgusted with myself.
I know I have to be extreme again to push my weight down like I did the first time I pushed it down. And it was hard. So I was around 205 at the end of 2018 and I just started going down real fast once I started fasting. Finally 195 again. Then 185, then I went to 175. And back to 180. When you’re short every 5 pounds makes a big difference.

I never did juicing for that long but I’ve done In past, I’ve done juicing like first thing in morning for breakfast but then rest of day I do food low carb. I don’t know if I would be able to keep up at juicing that long. I found it to be kind of expensive also. I did protein shakes more in past. The company made protein shakes I like though I think went out of business and when I couldn’t get anymore I stopped drinking protein shakes too much because of taste of others n fear or chemicals. I try to do organic when I can. Lately, haven’t been doing much just battling depression n bad trigger symptoms due to pandemic n past trauma. Do you mean bugs like parasites? I know lot of people have parasites n don’t realize. Once I did a deworm cleanser because I was sick for while the doctors couldn’t tell me exactly what it was. I was on antibiotics, inhalers, steroids… maybe other stuff but can’t remember. Thats when I got this detox stuff. I feel like I got better after the detox! It could be diet also but I don’t remember focusing that much on diet. I’ve read before juicing for 3 days as cleanse is good. That seem like good idea. I think I might juice for 3 days n see how I feel after. I’ve done carrot-ginger juicing in past and yummy green drinks. I’ll keep ya posted how works. I might have to start the weekend to have time get ingredients. I’ve don’t like cleanses pill form though. I don’t know if that helped that much. I don’t remember much of difference! Good luck with juicing!

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@Foundlove thanks for checking in here. I know you have a lot on your plate right now. Appreciate it.