So both my sisters are heroin addicts. Me and my mom has bee

So both my sisters are heroin addicts. Me and my mom has been raising my niece and nephew (they are one and two), for over a year now... Anyways, my sister has been on the road to recovery for less than a year and had her fourth relapse. She has been clean for less than a day and my mom has let her back in the house again. Now she's back to being a "Facebook mom" and it is killing me. I've been raising these kids, they call me mom, (I tell them I am their aunt but it doesn't work). I was there when they were both in the hospital, I take them to the doctors, the therapy, the hospital, the daycare, everywhere. I do all the work and get no acknowledgement. Between watching how hard they both keep hurting my mom, I don't know what to do. I want to scream and tell her to leave, leave my family alone. Anytime I look at her face, or see a picture it feels like someone is stabbing me in the stomach. I want her gone. I don't think she deserves another chance. Feels like she keeps getting too many chances. I just want to raise the kids on my own, and never see her again. Any time I try to talk to family or friends they say I am being to harsh. I guess I want someone to talk to that understands and someone that can help support me. I feel like everything is going to explode if I don't find someone to talk to soon...

Have you thought about talking to a lawyer about getting custody?

@CKBlossom I’ve thought about it. I’m just afraid that because I am so young, and I am not married, not even in a serious relationship that they won’t take me serious. I’m 20.