So exhausted had enough .Health care in Dublin such a mes

So exhausted had enough .Health care in Dublin such a mes keep canceling my appointments doctors nearly biting my head off. Nobody wants to monitor my health care. The stress off being messed around Is effecting my health making it worse . Feel like I can't go to a doctor now unless so serious like a body part is hanging of or out. . feel so alone nobody helping me shouting nobody listening.. Why do I bother taking medication nobody cares about side effects anymore or i I took any at all. They just would like me to disappear some way 1 less patient to deal with.

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I am so sorry, that sounds awful! Has it always been this way or is it due to COVID?

@CKBlossom It has not been the best hospital in 15 years I am going . I was attending hospital during covid, Some doctors where speaking to some patients on the phone during covid . some blame covid sometimes its an excuse,

I'm sorry may be covid reasons why they are doing this??? I'm sorry can you call another doctor office?

@Tcat123No when your a public patient on benefit it is hard to find a doctor to treat you so if you get 1 got to stay there. I was even going to hospital as normal during covid. I think the government wants to reduce the time waiting to be seen in the hospital so get rid of the old patients and the doctors can see new patients.