So I was diagnosed with HSV type 1 recently. It’s on my ge

So I was diagnosed with HSV type 1 recently. It’s on my genitals. And I just got through the first outbreak which was utter hell when I didn’t know what it was at first. But I am curious how often I should expect these outbreaks. I was afraid to use the restroom and I still haven’t informed my significant other but I’m pretty sure I got it from him because he gets cold sores some times. A little advice on what to expect would be nice. I know the booklet said that the first outbreak is usually the worse but are the next ones similar?

Welcome to the group!! and thanks for reading the informative handbook we have pinned at the top.
there is no direct answer to "How Often" or the intensity. everyone's body will combat the intruder differently. for the most part, try to keep your body as healthy, stress free, as possible. i know its hard, but... so, the weaker your immune system is, the more intense the monster will raise its head.
as for the restroom, here's a thread from our past:

@a_survivor thank you for the information.

Fliptip I'm not a doctor. I did read the handbook, but it was some time ago. I don't recall what it said about HSV1 verses HSV2. I have HSV2 genital herpes. If you don't have HSV2 you might not get another outbreak down there. You may get cold sores around the mouth area which many people have HS1. No one wants to have either of these, but I believe they are more common than you think.

@mmadlecl thank you for the information. I guess I will have to wait and see how my body reacts.

You will get outbreaks where the virus was spread to. So if the virus was transferred to your genitals you will have the outbreak on your genitals. HSV1 usually has less reoccurring outbreaks on the genitals than HSV2 does.

everyone’s body reacts differently depending on his/her immune system’s strength. OB’s are OB’s. how often is all relative…