So last night was my little brothers last choir concert of t

so last night was my little brothers last choir concert of the year. everyone who was a student at the high school can attend and we all get to sing the last song together, it can get emotional. but when we arrived i felt alone because me and my ex boyfriend always attended these events together. when we got inside i tried to say hello to everyone but no one would even bother to look at me. i sat and enjoyed the concert. when it was over everyone was hugging and saying hi but no one bothered to look at me twice. we left after and i went to my room and cried. i was going to harm myself. i ran to my mom and told her and she held me so i wouldn’t.

I am sad with you, but very happy that you have a mother you can turn to for comfort and support! How come no one wants to acknowledge your presence? Are they all taking sides with your ex? That's hard. Take care of yourself: you'll get over the boyfriend in a while - and hopefully find a better one :-)

@buddhabob thank you, but right now it really hurts. everyone in my life has walked away. and now he has. and after everything it just tears me apart. im trying, i really am.

Sorry to hear what you're going through. It must be really hard what you're going through. But it's good to hear that your trying hard. Coz that's the way to go. Keep punching

@Sailorboy thank you.