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I was talking to a friend on a school sex ed board and there were so frustrated because the wording Anal sex could not get approved, it was like hearing the same thing on the show Sex Education when the cut French character was saying how gay students always got left out and how where they supposed to know how to have safe sex, wasn’t the school supposed to teach them too? Yes, I know anal sex is not just a gay male thing, but in this realm and argument and why it was going to be cut, it was.

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, collectively, we could agree that knowledge is power?
I am a nurse and the number of people who do not know the basic functions of their body astounds.
We get patients placing objects in the rectum and then requiring embarrassing, often painful interventions. Or the time I had a patient with a uterine infection caused from vaginal after anal all because she didn’t understand the importance of SAFE anal sex. She lost the ability to ever carry a child.
Why is it even a discussion that people should learn how their bodies work? How to protect their body and the bodies of others?
And further…why do so many people care what’s going on in other people’s bedrooms?

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I love this soapbox! I mean I was astounded when I saw some random videos pop up on my reels on PSAs not to buy all the cute deco trees from target and use them as anal toys. Like why would you do that when there are safe anal toys, but I guess repressed people don’t know that. Also, the anal to vag thing would probably be because of porn. I cringe with that because I am like no, let’s not teach that people! I think it comes from purity culture and now we have a lot of sexually repressed people who feel like god is going to condemn them from buying sex toys, learning about their body and having heathy sex.

Also, if we teach young kids that their body is shameful and you can’t have sex until marriage in the FREAKIN school, what does that set them up for in life?