So Monday I went to see my family doctor to get documentatio

So Monday I went to see my family doctor to get documentation to be able to get accommodations for school. She's referring me to my psych nurse because I may have to be retested. This is suppose to be the easy part going back to school and it's turning out more then what I want it to turn out too. I don't need documentation because I have a mental problem. I really don't want to get retested again because what if something else comes up. I'm done with being diagnosed with anything. I feel the list is at its limits. I feel like my psych nurse will just give me documentation for what I've been diagnosed mentally. What I really need is current document for a communication language expressive receptive disorder. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm just a little stressed about the fact that I may have to be retested again for a learning disorder.

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What does the test involve?
Hope things go more smoothly.

woodcock-johnson test of achievement, wechsler individual achievement, or scholastic abilities test for adults. That's what's listed in the handbook for current documentation.

@faithkl7 Sorry you have to go through this. Find the experts that you want to work with and then ask your doctor to be referred to those specific people. Your doctor should be working for you and helping you. Good luck. Great work knowing what you want and what you need!!