So scared today, feeling like a piece of **** today. Meds st

So scared today, feeling like a piece of **** today. Meds stopped working have to get a new prescription tomorrow scary night the feeling that everyone else is asleep and i'm up late unable to blink my eye scares me.......................

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are you ok?

@norseduncan not really sure l.

I hope you finally get some rest. I know how you feel. I don't take meds besides prayer. That's my medication. I do however understand how you feel.

@Mother1985 thanks for writing to me. Yes I appreciate our concern I do pray sometimes but I feel that god has left me that’s why I feel the way I feel

Please remember that even though it feels like you are totally alone in the worst moments of this, and I have felt that, you are not. Have you tried Valerian root? That and heavy exercise seem to be helping me. Anxiety and depression have become my periodic companions since this started, but you must try not to stay in their grip. I don't know you but I will be thinking of you and wishing you strength to get through this.

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@dtellez, Do you feel that Valerian root ever makes you tired the next day? Sometimes I drink that sleepy time herbal tea and it’s okay. But sometimes my insomnia would get so bad I’d have to take a benadryl or nite time cold medicine which would do the trick but make me feel like H**L the next day.

I know that in the worst moments of this thing it feels that you are totally alone in this world, but try to remember that you are not. I had to stop ambien because of heart palpitations side effect. Doctors are polite and concerned but nothing useful yet. I am trying valerian root which appears to be helpful so far. Last night I had to go to my work and walk the halls and climb stairs for about an hour. That seemed to help me finally pass out. Anxiety is a periodic companion for me now and depression is close enough to touch. I will be having a sleep study soon. I am going to see my primary care doc for the first time tomorrow, and hopefully I can get him to try a cannabis card. We all have our strength inside of us, even though it is difficult to find these days. I don't know you, but I will be thinking of you and wishing you peace from this.

@dtellez thank you! I will make sure to do the same for you.