Society is awful

I absolutely hate how society works, im talking about high prices with low wages, people just accept everything bc we “have to live” so we accept paying stupid prices on things that shouldnt be that expensive and they could not be that pricey but the ones in charge are greedy @ssholes. I feel like a teenager that just discovered how the world works and im tired of it, its absurd, the working force have the power to change it but we are on a leash of obedience and control of others and im tired of it, im sorry, i cant accept it and im getting to the point of refusing to be a part of any of this, i would leave with native people if it meant i wouldnt have to care about any of the things i care now, im so mad about this i wanna cry so hard and it all started because i wanted cocoa powder and it costs $21 reais (brazilian currency) if you convert to your currency it wont probably cost as much, but imagine you want to buy and its that pricey, im tired…

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Sometimes the world seems bleak and everything is do damn expensive. But I am trying to be positive lately, trying being the operative word.

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Actually life is not that bad. I don’t see it being ridiculous outrageous yet except for new vehicles prices. But i could come to understand that if you ran out of money or loose a job.

I don’t blame you for that. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows.

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How is that going for you? To me it just seems fake and faking something is not a way to live

But dang, nothing is sunshine and rainbows, actually just sunshine in not the best way of the word because the heat in brazil is getting crazy

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I try not to be fake, just trying to see a sliver of good if there is a sliver to be found.

You’re correct !! This is done on purpose!!! :sob:

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I think that if we had sunshine and rainbows to trade for currency. We would think that the Leppardcons would be up too no good :slight_smile: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :slight_smile:

I think we should form a gang together. Buy a getaway vehicle, pillow sheets, and and wear those stocking over our heads from the earlier movies and walk into a bank and give them hugs to steal their hearts and rainbows to buy lucky charms cereal :blush: :grinning: :slightly_smiling_face: blah moment :disappointed: no cellphones too :slight_smile: :no_mobile_phones: :wolf: :money_mouth_face:


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