Sometimes it feels like no matter what decision I make later

sometimes it feels like no matter what decision I make later on I am questioning it. I feel lost a lot of the time. I try to make the right choice but then I am questioning whether it was the right choice. Moments like this I feel I need to connect with someone. I have friends but it is hard to meet up with them so it makes my loneliness feel worse.

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@animegirl You seemed liked an intelligent young woman. In addition you have aspirations for yourself, carrer wise, but you keep 2nd guessing yourself. Why? I have a feeling you don't believe in yourself.....You think it's because you're lonely, even though you have friends, somehow you don't seemed to connect. Apparently you'll don't have much in common. But at the end of the day, you have to be comfortable in your own skin, and have confidence in yourself, before you can be a good friend..... Maybe you can do some volunteering, or join a club, or find a new hobby etc. Please follow your dreams, if you wanted to go back to college, and changed careers.... Go for it! SG friends are here, to support, and be supported. Be strong the best is yet, to follow......