Starting right now

Just for today ....

I will give up the belts that cover my ''hideous'' stomach ... and I will do so many things that will keep ED 200 m away :-)
I will work more , get involved more and make short plans for mylife !

I cant let ED isolate me from my life !! I wont do that !
I trust everyone who cares about me and who tell me I dont need to change my body to be happy ... I will trust them and focus on making them happy !

Yes !

At the end of the day I wanna feel proud about myself !

Just wanted you to know that you are heard and validated! It's great that you are setting goals for yourself to challenge the old rules and fears. Take care...Jan ♥

loving the enthusiasm and power behind your words! show such immese strength, ED soesn't stand a chance :-)

i'm proud of you already!

Yay Mada!! What a great attitude to have :) You are really kickin ED'S *** lately...I love it!!!!

My boyfriend told me today that he is having a ''binch'' .... and I was like ha ?!?!?! ... and then he told me he ate one huge pizza and he cant breathe :-))) .

I said it s BINGE but he is not having a binge :-)))

Right now he invited me to a restaurant and I am a bit freaked out eating out again ... instead of my vegetable soup I have home !

It need to gather my powers !

Wish me luck .

You'll do great...order the first thing that pops out at ya and enjoy! <3

I need help

Hey mongo,
ive seen you’ve only just joined. tell us something about you so that we can help!


Hi Mongo, whats up?

OMG madalina this is great!!!!!! awesome and amazing!!

so proud proud of you!!!!!!


madalina you go girl! you are right! you will do this very supportive of you

Everyone ..... I couldnt eat smth .... I ordered a coffee and my bf had dinner ... I placed the order to the cater and I just couldnt say smth for me too ...

It was so strange ... I was in the mall ... everyone talking , laughing ... eating - especially junk - and I just felt from another planet !

I couldnt eat smth ''unpredicted'' ... smth I am not sure of ... I freaked out so bad and I bearly stopped myself from crying !

At least ... I did manage to raise my mood and smile so my bf wont feel bad ! But deeep down ... I knew I ll never be able to eat out naturally again ....

@@@@@@ Mongo ... feel free to tell us your story ! We all are going to rough moments ! We can be there for u !