State Of Mind

I’m in a scary headspace right now I lied to my work about not wanting to come in and now because of extenuating circumstances I find myself either feeling an urge to overdose on my antidepressants or to drink so much I become black out drunk. Another part of me is wanting to forget about it all and play video games until my eyes physically hurt. None of these things are healthy…what is wrong with me? :frowning:

You are just in pain, why do you think you are feeling this way?

Also my vote is for option two.

2 Hearts

I think I was also in a lot of pain due to when I was six years old and my dad’s mom did things to me. I just found out not too long ago that this happened 2 - 3 weeks before Easter. I just hate that it’s been almost 22 years since it happened and I am still finding things out about it. I actually ended up doing none of these things.

I am very sorry to hear that happened to you; its only natural to have pain when you have experienced that sort of trauma. I am glad you are still here. How are you feeling today? Any less on the edge?

Don’t think there is much wrong with you. I think we all need to escape from our heads . some people like music or sport or meditate to get a break for everyday stress . Is there anything you would like to escape form.

I feel okay, I’m still on edge because my uncle opened one of the doors in the house and it made me jump.