That’s easy to say to a person who has been ostracized for years, it will take more than a decade to overcome the emotional turmoil that I still have to this day. I chose to not hurt myself at 16, now remembering that I had one of the most traumatic moments that I don’t think I could ever get rid of those memories forever.

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Indeed. Sorry if I made it sound easy - I certainly didn’t mean to imply this would happen anytime soon. All I’m getting at is that all those bad memories will, of course, colour your current perceptions of life, but (for most people, at least) they will gradually have less relevance to “today”.

Always wishing you well.

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Thank you so much.

Have your parents calmed down? Are your classes going ok?

Yes, they have. It’s all good.

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That is great! So glad to hear it!

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I didn’t fail in college/university, but I’m getting post graduate degrees, whose studies I’ve stopped & stopped apperaring in exams… I’ve had a dysfunctional life till now, even college i didn’t attend but gave exams based on self study, just building a basic routine, slowly & trying to deal with issues, one day at a time.

I almost couldn’t appear in my school exams & got thrown out(attendance issues etc), but i was able to get that settled.

What i mean to say is “I’m trying my best & so r u” let’s keep at it…

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