Stuck in a cycle of hiding spending

Looking for some advice on next steps…

I am stuck in a cycle of spending money in secret, usually on online video games because they’re easier to hide (I don’t even play them) and then the stress of hiding it builds up and chips away at my relationship because I know I’m breaking trust every day. Eventually something happens and my partner finds out and then it all blows up and I get “better” for a while. Then it happens again.

I know it spend for the dopamine, I know it’s wrong when I do it but it still seems to happen then I’m filled with complete regret and it just makes me feel even worse.

I’m reaching out for therapy now, and potentially looking at anti-depressants with them but I was looking for some advice on online courses or books that have helped you?


Ive never had these issues. Check utube see if there are any self help video and check your browser and look up self help books for addiction to spending. I would pursue therapy. I would cut your credit card up too. I would find healthier things in life to do and spend time on those things.