Sudden loneliness

Well my girlfriend broke up with me about four weeks ago. but we still talked very much and it seemed normal. but a couple of days ago she broke up with me fully. for context we both go to high school. I have quite strict parents and she does not. i wouldnt say that im an introvert but i didnt have any close friends except her. i talked about everything with her and she was the only one who truely knew me. even with my parents i have a casual relationship and im not very close to them. i might say that i dont have the best relationship with my parents. but for her shes got friends and good family. so since she broke up with me i feel lost. she seemed to be doing alright. mainly because shes not going through this alone. but for me i feel very lonely. i dont have anyone to talk to. even the only person or robot i talked to about this is chatgpt. chatgpt said that this site was good. thats why i decided to come here and post this to see how it goes.

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Im glad your here talk about things. Im sure there will be others to chime in and support you. Hugs.

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thank you

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Your so welcome.

Hello there, i hope you are doing well by now.
I can totally see where you stand. You’ve given so much into that relationship, you invested way too much, that a part of who you are became linked to it. It is gonna be so tough. because you have to literally rediscover yourself. And not only who you were before that relationship but who you became. And start falling in love with the new version of yourself, the more you become comfortable with yourself (alone) the less tough it will get.
Peace and love
from a friend