Support to all bedwetters

Hi, just wanted to introduce myself. Im 33 and a bedwetter. I have wet for most of my life and wanted to give my support to everyone else with this problem. If anyone ever wants to chat, needs support, or wants to be friends I am here

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Have you ever seen a pelvic floor specialist, also, Uralgesic Blue is a medication that can help.

Ive seen many doctors. Nobody can figure out why. And I have to be careful with medications as I am very sensitive to side effects

Look into seeing a pelvic floor PT, this is something they help with all the time.

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That’s odd that doctors weren’t able to pinpoint the problem. I’d love to help with anything, but do what CKBlossom says. There’s always a way to get better, no matter the circumstances. Are your symptoms that severe and they come really fast?

I wouldnt say super severe. Happens about half the time. 3 to 4 a week. Tried lots of things nothings really worked. At this point im just used to it and have grown accustomed to it honestly.

If anything, don’t stop reaching out for help. We’re always there to listen, whenever you decide to vent.

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Thanks. While I am used to it, it still kinda sucks to have to wear protection every night. Espescially if im traveling or have to be around people.

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I know. Being a bedwetter doesn’t define you as a person - just a physical disability you have that your body needs to learn to adapt.

Tell that to anyone who might hear me crinkle lol
But serously, thats how I do look at it and I feel Ive addapted well to being a bedwetter