Thankful I’m not alone in this

Over the last 3 years I seem to have acquired a compulsive shopping addiction. My husband has noticed. He gets upset. I’ve put us in financial binds before. I don’t want to be the reason our business can’t grow. I don’t want to be the reason we go under. I want him to be proud of me and not upset. It’s like I can’t stop. I see something I like and I have to have it or I get this pins and needles feeling until I buy it. Then I’m soothed. It makes me feel like an addict & I have about $3k in debt over it give or take. It has to stop now. More than support I’m looking for someone who has overcome this & can shed some light on where to start. Canceling credit cards didn’t help because now I use our debit card & I hide cash for myself. Everything I try doesn’t work. I believe in God and I know He’s my ultimate help but what can I do to meet Him half way in healing this addiction?

Shopping addiction can be extremely challenging to deal with. Thank you for sharing your experience and story @Steph9719. You are never alone.

i was similar, i used to buy things to feel better about things. I have found several ways to help with it.

  1. Find a way to track every dollar, and a partner that will stand by and take an action role in the money management with you.
  2. look at why you are spending, this might be support groups or even individual sessions with a therapist.
  3. Remember you are not alone and others are around to help support you, But you have to determine the reason why you need to stop. It needs to be personal. something that can be used to remind you why you are not spending money and help drive you to stay on track.