The Joy of Trying

Have you ever tried something new lately, anything at all, a new medication, a new doctor, a new self care routine, a new walking path, a new part in your hair…? New and different are equal parts exhilarating and often nauseating. We like tried and true, don’t we, it is comfortable like a well worn hoodie, new is scary and like trying on jeans for the first time, tight and constrictive.

Growth Through Challenges

The process of trying something new involves overcoming challenges and obstacles, most of which we create in our mind. Taking the first step may seem daunting, but we have so little to lose from being brave and doing something new and different, so let’s learn to jump feet first together. Each attempt at doing something new, successful or not, is a step towards personal growth. Getting out of our comfort zone teaches us to find strengths and and sometimes weaknesses, that we did not know about.

For example, you sign up for your first race, it is for a good cause and well, you think to yourself, everyone can run right? You may quickly realize after the start, you are not even close to the fastest, you hate the whole experience, but races teach you to pace, to look for each mile marker and do a little internal celebration when you pass it and to head towards the goal, one step at a time. So while you may never do it again, you did in fact try.

Discovery of Hidden Potentials

Trying new things can uncover talents and passions we never knew we had. It allows us to explore different facets of our personality and capabilities, leading to a deeper understanding of ourselves. While running may not be our thing, you take up tennis because on a run you went past the tennis courts and thought, why not try that and lo and behold, you love it!

Fostering Connections and Empathy

When we try new activities, especially those that involve others, we build connections and develop empathy. Participating in group activities, such as joining a sports team, attending a workshop, or volunteering, allows us to meet new people, understand different perspectives, and build friendships. These social interactions enhance our emotional well-being and provide a sense of belonging and community.

Living Life to the Fullest

Ultimately, the joys of trying lie in the way it enables us to live our lives to the fullest. By continually exploring new experiences, we keep our minds active and our spirits invigorated. We learn to appreciate all that life has to offer, instead of just doing what you have always done before. Trying new things encourages us to live in the moment and savor new experiences.

Trying new things may not sound appealing and that is okay, but if we can encourage you to just give it a thought, maybe try a new food, go to a different restaurant, try out a new vacation spot, go on your walk and start in the opposite direction, shake things up a little and see if this sparks some joy in your life. Just try.

All the best, SG