the new platform

hey all,
i’m hoping the old support members are still around. this new platform may wipe the slate clean and start all over.

that being said, i may be leaving and can only hope for the best as i move on…

how do y’all feel about this (if you figured out how to work this) new format if you’re still here?

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Honestly, it’s kind of shit. A fancy coat of paint on what appears to be a very unintuitive UX. Gone are the message threads from people I’d like to have remembered and found myself coming back to read at different points. I can’t even see those I’ve supported in the past, unless that section is buried under some out of the way UI element. I also noticed that user names can only be seen by clicking on a profile, and I assume what’s shown instead is the name that we use as login information. No possible confusion there, right? …right? I also noticed instead of empathizing, the hearts are now called “likes” which brings it more in line with social media, which has been known to be detrimental to the mental health of those who use it. Awkward that a site that’s built around helping people with mental health is now using one of the very systems that seems to be damaging to it. I don’t know, it seems like the trend these days is take everything that’s remotely useful or enjoyed, and strip those things away. That was probably more than 2 cents worth, but there it is.

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My Gawd i couldn’t have stated it better!!

i pretty much said the same thing in a PM to the “Powers That Be”, but no replies as of this time. i found a section asking for opinions so they can Try to improve this URL, and i let 'em have it!

i’m pretty sure i’m gonna fade away and hopefully anyone who needs help will left to the new world to take care of 'em…

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The brave new world, right? One of two things will probably happen. Doubling down and defending the design choices, or actually being receptive to feedback from users. I get you on the whole fading away part. I always kind of did the same, fading on and off the site but I always came back to see if the people I used to message were around still, and now, all the messages that I kept around for some sort of sentimental reasons are deleted, and I see nowhere to view the people I’ve supported over the years.

But hey, now we have a built in system where mental issue one-upmanship can flourish in competition for “likes” and earning badges. Almost as if it exists to drive engagement while actual support takes a secondary role. Gonna go with “in before a premium subscription”. I can hate myself for that one later.

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And there ya go. I just earned a badge for editing a post because for some reason, if you type in “l i k e” it changed it to “empathize”.

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competition for “Likes” and earning badges just for engagement rather than support!

it’s Stevie Wonder spearheading a class in oil painting…!! :tired_face:

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In today’s world, Stevie Wonder giving an oil painting class would be something I could absolutely see. Question that logic, and all of the sudden you lose your job and are banned from visiting California.

Seriously though, I hope that whole “likes” thing is an oversight and not a deliberate design choice. I also noticed, you can open up a private message with anyone now, as well as attach pictures. What could possibly go wrong there? I didn’t test it, so maybe I’m prematurely dumping all over that one.

The old site may have been archaic by todays standards, but it at least took steps to maintain user privacy and block unsolicited private messages. Hopefully it’s just growing pains, but the last few years have made me less optimistic that this is the case.

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you must be my twin! i share the exact same thoughts.

as moderator i would keep the site clean of spam immediately, banned idiots, etc, but alas i was told i will “Grown Into That Status as Time Prevails”… “Seriously”?? C’mon now! being a member for over 10 year means absolutely nothing!

the more i chat with you the more i just wanna dump this popcorn stand!

Support Group ma ass… just wait 'till the trolls start posting everything rated XXX and the PM’s open the floodgates to the predatory scum of the internet. sadly the vulnerable will fall prey for sure…

I was adopted so stranger things have happened.

“Grow into that status as time prevails?” Someone sounds empathize (edit: I can’t even with this) a mid level manager using corporate speak to get an employee out of their office so they can finish their solitare game. They really say that to you? You should have asked how much the “moderator edition” of the premium sub was. Seriously, I gotta stop throwing out ideas empathize that.

As far as blowing this joint, I can only say you gotta do what’s right for you. I think morbid curiosity is going to keep me peeping in on and off at this point, but I don’t blame anyone for having had enough.

I’m telling you, once word gets out that photos can allegedly be attached to messages to anyone, relationship group is gonna be dick pic central. Well, it’s a good thing minors don’t use this site, huh? Oh wait. Well sheit.

yep they did state just that exactly!
i gotta thank you for bringing a smile to my face about morbid curiosity, minors, dick pics, and and and…

i can only hope these fools get a major hand slap when the internet police find droves of sex predators and trolls breeding on this site!

oh, and now i can’t log in on any other computer! i did the reset password but never got an email to reset! if i don’t respond to you, I’M LOCKED OUT!!!

oh, and now i can’t log in on any other computer! i did the reset password but never got an email to reset! if i don’t respond to you, I’M LOCKED OUT!!!

get this from SG mods:



We are playing catch up with our tech and design team, as soon as everything is working, empathize usernames, we will access what else needs to be fixed or what capabilities might not be here.

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Wait, did they roll this out before making sure it worked first? Wild.
Honestly, I think the absurdity of the whole situation is what brought the smile to your face. I just pointed my flashlight at it. Wonder if they’ll fix the forced “empathize” corrections.

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yes they did! geeky kids trying their hands on a support group!
dammit, i keep tying a bunch o’ crap and this site locks me out and slow to send reset password links etc!!! BEWARE! this site is full o’ glitches!!

I think the new platform is awful… for many reason. At the moment, there is no way for me to post and receive support here in my selected groups. I need that support. Many of us do. That’s why SG was such a valuable resource… “was”.
The new icons and bells and whistles mean nothing. It’s similar to a nice paint job with a junk car underneath.
The old website worked. It functioned. It allowed us to support each other. I hope the Support Team has a lot more to do… and what we are operating on is not their version of complete. Otherwise I just hope I can find another place to find support.
@Support Groups

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i soooooo agree! i hope the owners of this platform is reading this!!!

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@sgroup_admin are you reading this?

This new platform saddens me. I come back from time to time to give support to others going through a difficult situation only to find the one thing that was a stability in my turned upside down world has been turned upside down also. I guess its time to say goodbye. I despise this new site.

it’s sad that people will be leaving this popsicle stand the let the chips fall where they may…

also, what a joke how they “Alter” what is typed here! AI changes the word *L.I.K.E. to “Empathize”.

prayers to those newbies that come in need…
sad, so sad… :sob: :sob: