This is not a matter of life and death but I am really depre

This is not a matter of life and death but I am really depress and struggling. After I told my BF that I have HPV he became distant to me and would not talk to me because he wanted to be alone. Few days ago he told me that he can't trust me. So I told him what do you want? If staying away or leaving you would make you happy I would do it. He said he doesn't want me to leave. He said he don't hate me. But still he seem so distant to me. Would not talk to me the way he used to. Wouldn't answer my calls and messages. I am in so much pain now and he confuses me more. :'(

I know that you're in a very difficult position right now. All I can say is that he needs a little time to sort out the things in his life, and maybe you should give him that. As long as you keep showing that you care about him, he'll come around. Best wishes

@white_black411 I really do care about him but I feel like he is driving me away with his treatment. It is so painful that I can’t take it anymore. I wanted him to end everything between us but he is just leaving me hanging. It’s more painful to be ignored and I told him that many times.

I somehow get the feeling that he also loves you but doesn't know how to cope with the big news. Us boys, we are idiots that way. I've been there. I know that the feeling of being put on hold really sucks, but hang in there. Give him just a little more time and then talk to him straight-forward about how he wants to deal with your relationship. I hope things turn out the way you want it.

@white_black411 I’m torn between letting go and holding on. It’s so painful. I cry everyday. I told him about it on nov15 its nov22 now. He should know what will happen to us.

Then set him straight. Talk to him face to face tomorrow. And if he still leave you hanging, be the one to let go. That's the only thing you can do.

@white_black411 that’s another problem. He wouldn’t want us to meet regularly. I feel like I’m the one chasing after him. I’m so tired. I’m always sorry for what happened. I’m hurting too just like him. I’m vocal about it and up to now I don’t know what’s going on.

You can't be the one chasing forever. If he doesn't want to give your relationship an ending, end it yourself. I know its hard, but its the only thing you can do to end your own sufferings. Because from what I see, he is obviously keeping you at arms-lenght.

@white_black411 Yes. I don’t want to admit it but somehow I do feel it. Woman’s instinct maybe. I promise him I wouldn’t leave him. So I am giving him the option to end our relationship…which I am not certain of.

Should he still love you, he would've contacted you by now. I don't want you to be the one waiting anymore. It's time to walk your own path, even if it means without him.

@white_black411 I am too hard on myself, because I know how to endure the pain. I always think of others. That’s my biggest weakness. If he is still keeping me armslength then how can I let go? I believe him always. I’m so stupid.

Don't be. and don't say you're stupid. We're all stupid when it comes to love. But at this point, it no longer is a game of emotion, but its starting to affect your life in many ways. If he prefers to keep you away, then stay away.

@white_black411 i’d love to but i cant let a day go by without talking to him and its so unfair because it looks like he can. I look desperate and pathetic.

You're not. You're not desperate, and you're not pathetic. That's called love. But you're loving someone who obviously doesn't love you back. And I'm sorry for pushing you so hard. I should know that it's hard, yet I kept telling you to let him go. It takes time, I know. But by and by, you'll realize it yourself. Loving someone who treat you like that, is just not worth it.

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@white_black411 how can men make you believe they love you when they actually dont? I am so confused now. I don’t know what to believe anymore.

Believe in your own instincts. You know that he is not the person you love anymore, that's why you should by and by let it go. Learn to live without him, he doesn't deserve you. And not all men are like that. That is the description of a coward, who dares not to face reality.

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@white_black411 i will try. Thank you for your kind words. I just broke down tonight again. I couldn’t contain the pain anymore.

Why is he so accusing? Men often show no symptoms of hpv (low risk kind) and have no clue they passed it on to their partners. It's highly likely that he gave it to you. I wish more people were knowledgeable in stds. It's not near as black and white as people think. I think you should try avoiding him as well. He may be seeing how far along he can drag you around. I say show him you can do fine without him,even if you are still hurting. You deserve to be respected.

@AnonymousMess you just made me cry in a positive way. Maybe part of me is just scared to totally let him go because i think I couldn’t find someone like him. But you’re right, i deserve to be respected.

If I was by your side, just to let you know, you could cry on my shoulder as long as you want. And when you're done, I'd take you out for ice cream :)). Take care. I'm here if you need me

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