Thought this group we be one of the busiest since we are up

Thought this group we be one of the busiest since we are up so much. Lol!
Maybe getting better sleep??
I know, wishful thinking.
Taking a better med for diabetes. Making my night sugars lower. So when I do get to sleep I'm having a hell of a time getting up in the middle of night to let the dogs out.
Still have trouble getting back to sleep. If nothing else read something boring.

A physical therapist once said: if you cannot sleep, stretch. ;)

I like stretching and deep breathing. Both of which do not require a gym membership.

where are all the zombie insomniac s??
It's time to parrrrty!!!!!!!

Don't tell me you are all sleeping?
Fine. You don't get a party hat. And I'll eat all the nachos with extra cheese myself.
No, no. Don't get up. I'll turn the lights off on my way out.

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@Inmylittlerroom I love it! You know, I couldn’t wait till my mom’s parties was over just like you said, I would sneak into the living room and snack on all the leftovers, would even smell the cups, if it didn’t smell like liquor I wasn’t drinking it. See it wasn’t my mom or dad’s fault if I abused alcohol in my adult years. We’re born to do wrong as children, we have to fight to do the righteous thing. Ask that 2yr old who flat out tells you no! and don’t like their veggies. Even they have to fight to be good, cause we’re born in sin and have to be taught to do righteous things. It’s not our fault, slap Adam, cause Eve knew no better. Lol, I’m sorry did I just take us to church this Sunday morning? Let’s fight together, God loves it!