Tired and Helpless

I’m a student studying Sports Physiology for my master’s degree, and I used to really enjoy it. But now, after a year and four months, I just feel stuck. The place I moved to for this program feels suffocating. It’s like everything around me is controlling me, and the people here don’t seem genuine or caring. They just do whatever they want without considering how it affects others, including me. I feel like I don’t belong here anymore, and I’ve drifted away from everyone.

Sometimes, I wonder if it’s all in my head and I feel guilty about it. I still want to finish my master’s, but lately, it’s been so stressful. I am unable to sleep or wake up early, can’t seem to focus on my studies and appetite is completely gone. I tried getting help but what I feel is that most people treat me like a loser for struggling. They don’t understand anything so just I end up keeping things to myself, smoke cigarettes and wasting time listening to music just to pass the days. I don’t have anyone to turn to for support, and it feels like my life is falling apart.

I don’t want to feel like this anymore. I’m trying different things to see if anything helps me feel better and more in control of my life.

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it seems like you might have to think of moving to another place to complete your degree if you really feel that way. it seems your health is suffering

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Don’t give up. I think you need a schedule each day. Going to bed earlier. Less screen time will help you sleep better. Drinking more water. Start eating more healthy. Include fruits and veggies in.

Stay away from unhealthy people. You dont need bad friends to finish your degree. Dont let them bring you down.

Focus on your studies and your mental and physical health only. That way no one will derail your studies. A daily routine will help. Can you take a little walk each day?

Glad your here you can vent here all you want to get your stress out.

Im routing on you!!! Finish your studies!!! :slightly_smiling_face::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::+1::woman_technologist::technologist::man_walking::walking_woman::bath::sleeping_bed::blossom::apple::broccoli::sandwich::coffee::icecream:

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You sound incredibly burned out, what might be best is to meet with your academic advisor and mental health services. The first to look over what you need to finish this out, the latter to help you figure out if you want to finish it and to discuss the anxiety, stress and exhaustion you are dealing with. It is hard to pursue your masters right after your Bachelors, you are already done with all the lectures, notes, testing, college life and then you sign up for more. Now is the time to sit down and think, what do I want to do with my degree, do I need this masters to fulfill my goal, can I afford to take a break, is it the program or the city/university I am studying at that is stressing me out? We have all been there, we are pursing a path and then we get burned out, it may seem scary, but it is actually a great opportunity to hit pause and reset our priorities. Please keep posting and letting us know how you are doing. We are here for you.


Man, I’m feeling really overwhelmed right now. I’m in my final semester and deep into my major dissertation work. I picked this super interesting topic and was excited about it, especially since I thought my advisor would be a big help. But, things are just not going well.

My original plan was to gather data at this sports university, which would’ve been perfect, but that fell through. Then, my advisor suggests I head to this boxing academy about 100km away. I’ve been there four times, but I’m getting nowhere. The people there aren’t exactly welcoming, and the data I’m collecting is pretty much useless. I tried explaining the situation to my advisor, but all I get is, “Keep trying, overcoming obstacles is part of the process.”

It’s tough at the academy because I’m a stranger to them, we’ve got a language barrier (I don’t speak their local language well, and they’re not comfortable with English), and just getting there and back is a nightmare (forced to travel 200kms within a 10-hour window). The place I live at is far from the city, and in this heat of 35-40°C, traveling without decent food or water is starting to wear me down physically.

I’d be okay with all this hassle if it meant my project would turn out as I hoped, but it’s feeling more like a wasted effort. Yet, my advisor keeps pushing me to try harder.

On top of all that, my brother’s engagement is coming up on April 21, and with my project stuck in a rut, I’m torn between working on it and attending the engagement. It’s just a lot to handle right now.