Tired of always getting ghosted/blocked when meeting people online

It just happened a few weeks ago, and now, it’s happened again with someone else I’ve been talking to online. We seemed to get along really well, they were sharing stuff about their days and asking each other questions, would sometimes talk all day if we had time etc. We seemed to be getting along really well, had similar interests and sense of humor. The last thing they sent me was asking me how my day was and if I had anything planned which I responded to. An hour later, I see that I had been blocked. They sent a message before they blocked me but I couldn’t see what it was. No idea why they’d block me over answering a simple question. I just hate that I can’t get closure or at least talk things out for a bit. I keep wondering what was in the last message if they had given a reason as to why they wanted to block me.

not having any closure is not easy. It down right sucks. I am sorry they couldn’t at least end the communication and let you have some messages. I know they sent one but if you cant read it, then it is more like they did not send anything at all.

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People are just that emotionally immature online. Searching for real friends in real life can be pretty tricky. I’ve ended up being in dysfunctional friendships that I had to leave them myself. Take a little break from socializing and let yourself heal. Do your best to focus on your needs first.

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Its not you . Happens all the time . Its the easy option for them not to have to say anything .

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